Whole Password Protection

Multi password lock is a set of overall and powerful password protection tool for user, including dynamic password, email password, independent folder password, screen lock password and network hard drivenet-disk password, to protect security of password with different protection strengths and modes and in different application scenes etc.

• Email password:during sending important or confidential emails, you can set independent email password. Receiver can read body and attachment only after entering unlock password.

• Independent folder password:email filter can be used to automatically listemails from boss in “folder for boss” which can be encrypted. Therefore, you will not be worry about information security of important email.

• Screen lock password:if the screen is locked, mailbox is still on line. You can operate only after entering right mailbox password.

• Net-disk password:you can set password for whole net-disk or some folders in net-disk. You can share file with colleagues, meanwhile, your personal file can be protected.